The Automotive First-Party Credit-Qualified Lead Machine
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The Automotive First-Party Credit-Qualified Lead Machine
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When your customers need a car, you want to be able to meet them where they are with the car they need and at a price they can afford. Sounds like you might need to be a mind reader to pull that off, but not with truMeta.

What is truMeta?

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About Us

truMeta is the leading social media fintech tool that provides potential car buyers with the ability to fast track the purchase process and help dealers create lifelong relationships for their automobile needs.

Who is truMeta For?

truMeta is a tool built specifically for car dealerships. truMeta is a pairing of social media ads with a financial assessment that will pre-qualify users and map them directly to your dealership inventory and suggest vehicles that suit their preferences and their budget. We are here to work with dealerships of any size and in any location.

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Benefits of truMeta

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More Leads

You won’t share leads with truMeta. We provide first-party leads for each of our customers. Every time a buyer clicks on your ad and fills out the assessment, they become a lead of your dealership and your dealership alone.

Because of the way in which truMeta uses a combination of social media digital advertising best practices and financial technology, dealers are able to receive more leads in less time and with less effort.

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Better Leads

You’re not just buying a list of names with truMeta or blindly sending out mass amounts of mailers. truMeta delivers middle of funnel leads with a higher likelihood to close. Our leads have already explored how much payment they can afford and provided information about the type of car they are looking for, as well as any down payment and trade-in information.

Bonus – The quality of each individual lead exceeds the industry norm. 42% of our users have a credit score over 650 and 64% earn over $40,000 per year

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Streamlined User Experience

In today’s digitized world, buyers are spending an exorbitant amount of time on social media. Recent reports have shown that U.S. adults spend an average of over 12 hours per day actively on social media. Because our platform specializes in social media ads, you can expect stronger results than randomly-placed ads across the internet.

Beyond that, buyers that fill out the form will experience a user friendly, fast and effective path to the type of car they are seeking at your dealership. Dealers will benefit from significantly less upkeep and maintenance than traditional ad practices, as TruMeta runs the ads on behalf of the customers, using evergreen, timeless phrasing that works.

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Less Hassle For Dealerships

The goal of your dealership is to sell cars, not to continually worry about updating your ads across various mediums. With truMeta, you can set it and forget it. We will help you develop your ad, schedule and run your ad on social media, collect and deliver your super leads and track performance. That way, you can focus on selling cars and increasing profits, which is what you do best.

Deeper insight into sales data

Because truMeta is a comprehensive ad platform built with financial technology, you will be able to watch your sales grow and check in on all the important business metrics. This way, you will know your return on investment and be able to see the value in the truMeta product. Our team will meet with you regularly to discuss your sales, revenue, buyer demographics and more.

Get Started Today

Looking to generate better leads for your dealership, while reducing hassle and managing ad upkeep? Connect with a truMeta team member to see a demo and get started today.

You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more details about how truMeta works and how you can benefit from this industry leading technology.

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