The World’s Most Valuable First-Party Automotive Consumer Data
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The World’s Most Valuable First-Party Automotive Consumer Data
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Social media does not produce serious car buyers. But it does still contain a treasure trove for auto dealers: Precise and reliable buyer data…if you have the tools to extract it. Transform your dealership with truMeta’s Clean Social Data.

What is truMeta?

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About Us

truMeta is the only social media fintech tool that produces the most streamlined way for social media consumers to shop for their new car and provides dealerships with the cleanest data that could be possibly gleaned from potential customers on social media.

Who is truMeta For?

truMeta is a clean data tool built specifically for car dealerships. truMeta is a pairing of social media ads with a financial assessment that will pre-qualify users via a soft credit pull (no ding on score!). It will then map them directly to your dealership inventory and suggest vehicles that suit their preferences and their budget. The data we glean from these social media users is 80-90% clean AND credit-qualified. We work with dealerships of any size across the country.

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Benefits of truMeta

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Clean Social Data

Experience the power of Trumeta’s clean data extracted from social media, revolutionizing the way you connect with targeted customers. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise insights that drive meaningful engagement. Trumeta taps into the vast social media landscape, carefully extracting and refining data to provide you with a pristine dataset of credit-qualified potential car buyers. With our cutting-edge technology, we filter out the noise and present you with high-quality information that truly matters.

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Own Your Community

Social media exists for its users to connect and engage. With our truMeta Shop-By-Payment advertising tool, we provide potential buyers in your area a seamless and fun way for them to begin their research with YOU, providing YOU the opportunity to engage them first. Over time, you will have your own treasure trove of first-party, credit-qualified data from thousands of potential buyers in your community.

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Hang Out Where Your Audience Does

Your potential customers don’t wake up every day thinking, “gosh I need to go visit right now!” Nope. Crazy, we know. But they do spend an average of 2 hours per day on their social media apps, mainly Facebook and Instagram. Dealer websites get minuscule amounts of the traffic social media does, yet most of their time, money, and focus is on their website that many times is clunky, hard to use and ridden with pop-ups and action buttons. We help dealers connect and engage in the most meaningful way possible on Social media, by providing a fun call to action for the user via Facebook ads and an unrivaled research tool to help them begin their car shopping journey.

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The Only Place On Social Media to List Your Inventory

Since Facebook did away with inventory pages, dealers haven’t had a way to allow shoppers to shop their inventory on the app. truMeta changes that. Not only is our tool an amazing way to brand your dealership on social, it’s the one place the user can shop your live inventory all within an instant experience still within the app. There is simply no one else offering this experience AND the clean data it provides.

Data Nurturing

The uses for the clean data truMeta will build for you are endless. But what we will do is help you market and continually remarket to your new and ever-growing list of credit-qualified potential buyers. Owning this list of potential buyers gives you the leverage to always stay in front of them with email marketing. Our truMeta email campaigns and sequences will continually remarket the truMeta tool and accompanying front-end offers to start building the know, like, and trust factor between you and your new potential buyers. Without long-term nurturing of your data, you’re leaving a golden opportunity on the table.

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Looking to generate clean data for your dealership, while reducing hassle and managing ad upkeep? Connect with a truMeta team member to see a demo and get started today.

You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more details about how truMeta works and how you can benefit from this industry-leading technology.

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