truMeta is the leading platform for automobile dealership data generation tool specifically built for social media and specifically built for your dealership. We bring together financial technology and social media advertising to create a revolutionary way to bring first-party, clean data to your dealership.


truMeta was created from a collaboration of two companies with over 30 years combined experience in digital advertising, payments technology, and the automotive industry. Our secret sauce is our ability to deliver the cleanest data you could possibly get, all from social media audiences.

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Brien Gearin, CEO

Brien Gearin

Brien started his journey with digital advertising in 2017, focusing on social media advertising for small or local businesses. Part of his first business was serving automotive dealers by running social media ads that brought end users directly to the shop-by-payment tool. This resulted in 20-50+ leads per week for these dealers. This prompted him to take the match of social ads and shop-by-payment into a new business – truMeta.

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